In virtute ac fide

in courage and trust

by Arthur Rollins Savage

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A Mythic Tale

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"Bewilder: An Inner Battle for Redemption" tells the story of Bewilder, King of Belvedere, who leaves the comfort of his royal existence to defend his daughter’s honor on a distant battlefield. His quest leads him to an understanding far different—and far more important—than he ever dreamed.

Bewilder's journey teaches us about the wisdom of listening to our heart, gaining humility, accepting the friendship of strangers, and, most important, believing in the power of love. 

The myth of Bewilder was born when the author told his then three-year-old daughter the story of Princess Belinda, a young girl not unlike herself, who lived in ancient times in the Castle Belvedere with her family. The nightly ritual continued until his daughter outgrew bedtime stories. In the summer of 2019, the author revived the tale, presenting it from King Bewilder's point-of-view.

Story Excerpts

From Chapter 2


Havelin looked at Bewilder, his broad shoulders slumped, his worn face and disheveled clothes betraying a broken spirit. The twinkle in his eyes slowly vanished, replaced by a sad knowing. She could see that on this journey he’d felt heartbreak, pain and sorrow like never before. This wild spirited student of days gone by was nearly a soul untethered, kept hopeful only by what he did not yet understand was no longer there.

“Take heed, dear Bewilder,” Havelin cautioned, “for Belvedere’s bloom has passed. As you proceed home, take pause and remember that time alone has the power to sew together that which has been torn apart. A gentle hand and a patient heart will serve you best. Allow the healing to occur in its own time.”

From Chapter 6


Belinda’s eyes were wells of sadness. It was as if Bewilder could look into the depths of her being and see the cavernous interior of her broken heart. He understood now the mysterious signs that she’d displayed in months past that betrayed her desolation, fear and shame. For nine years, a stalwart Belinda had kept this horrible secret from the outside world, grappling with its immensity. For nine years the terror of the act and the threat of harm for exposing it lived within Belinda and her world, built around the strength of her inner defenses, until its deafening silence had begun to shake the foundations of her world. Now, as the fortress began to crumble, Belinda sat utterly broken open, her eyes pleading for love and compassion.

“Mama, Papa, why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve it?”

As the fortress of her spirit toppled, Constance and Bewilder went to Belinda and took her in their arms, the three of them crying together in the dim light of Havelin’s cottage.

“Dear child, you have done nothing wrong,” her mother reassured her, taking the girl’s cheeks in her hands and kissing her brow. Shaken by the horrific news, Constance wrapped her loving arms around her daughter, understanding how Belinda felt.


Shock, sadness, and rage roiled in the cauldron of Bewilder’s belly as he tried to make sense of this utterly inhumane act of hatred against his sweet and defenseless child. The shock quickly gave way to anger and then guilt as Bewilder wrestled with how he could have permitted such an atrocity to occur, much less inside the walls of Belvedere Castle. How had he failed to see this danger lurking in the shadows? 

The "Bewilder" Podcast

The podcast will include multiple episodes between 10 and 15 minutes in length. Each episode comprises one or more chapters from the unpublished novel. Episodes may vary in length to accommodate the 10-15 minute time frame, ideal for a quick listen while on the go or in the comfort of one's abode. New episodes will appear in the Episode Listing below. 

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Listen to the sample

Bewilder King of Belvedere Preface and C

Episode List 

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King Bewilder

Queen Constance


Diggory, the Mysterious

Princess Belinda

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Cyril, the Cormysh Elf

Sir Edward

Havelin, the Sage


Sir Michael

Henry (Darkbrow)

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Sir Robert of the Highlands

Princess Morgan Rose

Sir Colin

All artwork copyright 2020 by Kip Hubbard


This power deck is a portal into the gifts and challenges our ancestors  have bestowed upon each of us as we entered this precious and magical world. As such, it is only as instructional as the reader of the cards chooses to make it. The cards, through divine inspiration, allow for thoughtful introspection and enlightenment.

There are 23 face cards (blue back), 50 rune symbol cards (green back), and  126 mini virtue cards (yellow back). You may place each set of cards face down on the table, fanning them out before you. Select one card from each fanned pile and turn them over in front of you. You may choose to take more than one virtue card to add to the group for more clarity.

From here, it is up to you how you wish to interpret the images, symbols and words before you. Perhaps these cards help you to begin forming  a clearer vision for you, your soul work and your purpose in the world. Perhaps they shed light on gifts that you possess but as of yet have not explored. They may also offer deeper insights into why you are who you are and how you might begin to evolve into the person you wish to become. Whatever the case, may these cards be an ongoing gift to you in your life and the lives of those around you.

My gift to you is free of encumbrances. Please use them as you see fit to perhaps gain a greater understanding of yourself, your ancestral roots and your deeper purpose.

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The Well of Runes


Ancestor Deck

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The deck includes:

  • 4 introduction and instruction cards

  • 23 full-color ancestral cards

  • 51 rune cards

  • 126 virtue cards

Arthur Rollins Savage 

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Arthur Rollins Savage began his career in New York City and Los Angeles as a writer and account manager at international advertising and public relations firms. His diverse writing background includes corporate, not-for-profit, community, and creative writing.

In 2011, Savage began to focus on pencil drawing. He has produced hundreds of abstract graphite and full-color works since, and his work has been shown throughout the Mountain West.

Savage lives in Emma, Colorado.


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